Parviflora Add hormones for men

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Parviflora Capsule

Parviflora Capsule

Parviflora capsule natural Herbs 100%
bottle 100 capsule
1 capsule 500 mg.

1 bottle for 53$ it contains 500 capsules( 500 mg per capsule)

Special offer 10 bottles for 347$ (20% discount)

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2 capsules before breakfast and before going to bed

Premium Black Galingale for export. Thai health department standard. Reasonable price. Easy to buy. Manufactured by Mae Kam Por Osod ,Chiang Dao Herb

Black Galingale particularly provides multipurpose health benefits, according to many local and international academic researches show that the Black Galingale available in Southeast Asia gives remarkable properties for health maintenances, together with curing multiple illnesses, covering almost 100 symptoms.
Black Galingale is uniquely well-known about its anti-aging active compounds that specifically help increase male hormones (testosterone) with the use of its sliced and dried roots with the sun light.  Grind it as a powder and mixed with honey, shape as a bolus to take routinely twice a day in morning and night times.  Black Galingale is also widely accepted for its own other outstanding properties to help improve health conditions as follows:
–          Use as an herb supplement with its cleaned roots mixed with other liquid-herbs as traditional fermented alcoholic medicine.
–          Black Galingale helps to maintain elements of human body.
–          Improves women’s skin impressions, brighter and flawless.
–          Nourishes sex hormones in male and helps to balance sex hormones in female.
–          Boots sex performance and enhances sex drives in male as well as protects and reboots Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in patients. Using fresh roots (1 kg.) fermented (9-15 days) with white whiskey (3 bottles) and original pure honey (1 bottle). Taking daily 1-2 teaspoons (Black Galingale is not a drug for sex abuse but helps male improves better blood circulation to effect natural sex status even in male those who have a usual sex condition).
–          Stimulates and nourishes nervous functions that help to keep body’s freshness.
–          Helps to sleep better and utilizing for anti-insomnia symptoms at night.
–          Nourishes your heart and helps to improve Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD).
–          Nourishes blood functions in female.
–          Assists in better blood circulation system.
–          Helps patient beings appetite.
–          Improves Hypertension and maintains normal blood pressure.
–          Diabetes healing and reduces high sugar level in blood.
–          Helps to improve Allergies.
–          Helps to improve Asthma.
–          Relieves palpitation, dizzy and faint.
–          Boiled root helps to cure eye diseases and maintains good eyesight.
–          Treats mouth ulcer, cold sores and dry mouth.
–          Resolves Anemia and malnutrition in children.
–          Helps to relieve Angina.
–          Helps to heal stomach diseases and against intestinal bacterial infections.
–          Helps expel colic.
–          Improves stomachache (using thoroughly-grilled roots, pounded and mixed with limewater, sifting only liquid to take 3-5 tablespoons after having illnesses.
–          Helps treat diarrhea.
–          Helps and maintains a balanced digestive system.
–          Relieves flatulence and indigestion.
–          Helps treat Dysentery and relieves Twisted Flux.
–          Black Galingale relieves Dyspepsia caused by unhealthy eating habits.
–          Black Galingale used as Diuretic medicine to improve Cystitis and Urinary Disable conditions.
–          Helps relieve Leukorrhea in female.
–          Allows normal Menstrual Cycle (menses period) and helps relive Premenstrual Syndrome and Dysmenorrhea.
–          Pounded roots mixed with whisky and sifting only liquid, taking to cure Prolapses Uterus in female.
–          Helps to treat Inflammatory Abscess.
–          Improves Dermatology Eczema, Ringworm, Dermatitis and fungal or bacterial infections.
–          Helps relieve back, body and muscle pains as well as debility and fatigue.
–          Helps relieve Arthritis, Gout and Beriberi.
–          Various medicinal properties of Black Galingale help body detoxified.
–          Helps improve cold hands and feet conditions.
–          Black Galingale’s active compounds effect against skin fungal infections.
–          Root boiled with pure water helps female during postpartum recovery period, stimulates milk treatment together with against postpartum hemorrhage and support uterus fitness.

Being healthy is not something you can buy. You have to do it yourself.

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Licenses pharmaceutical ชม. 1/51
Pharmacist control # บน.19598 Kasemsit Kamkon

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Sold by Chiang Dao Herbs limited company
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