Black Galingale is one of Thai herbs. It is worldwide used,and well accepted in term of benefits such as increasing hormones,doping,Atherosclerosis enlargement.

Both men and women are able to consumed daily leading to age slower.

Black Galingale Thai herbs

Galingale Maintained Health Capsuls

Galingale Maintained Health Capsuls

Antherosclerosis and blood vessels clogged? Want to enlarge blood vessels ? Try Black Galingale

Don’t want blood vessels to be clogged. Doctors suggest eating Black Galingale. The research shows that it supports Artery enlargement.

Not having enough blood to the brain can caused paralysis , disability or even death

Prevent blood vessels clogged today before it is too late to be cured.

Antherosclerosis and blood vessels clogged caused by fat in our blood vessels. Fat is sticking to the Endothelial and turning into sediments. Over time make the sediment thicker so the blood does not flow properly.

Fat that is sticking to the Artery wall mainly caused by our eating habits such as eating too much fried and grilled foods and eventually make the body impossible to use up all of the excess fat, free radical , simply known as “waste”.

Black Galingale not only support blood vessels enlargement , but still contain more than 100 benefits to your body but we can not describe them all in here because this article is focusing mainly on Antherosclerosis clogged. For further information visit Mahidol University research about Black Galingale.

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Elixir, dope , male emotion enhancement with Black Galingale was acclaimed worldwide particularly in hormones adjustment for both men and women.
Eating black Galingale everyday is good for your heath. Taking Benjasakul and Tripla
Help enhancing its performance and body balance adjustment.

For those who are having traditional Thai medicine from hospitals or have doctors prescribed or from doctor Ti’s drug store. Doctors recommend eating Tripla or Benjasakul before having meal with empty stomach because the intestine will absorb substance from the pills and since it is the substance adjustment supplement. When all of the substance is fine whatever you eat is benefits to your body.

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How The extractions from Black Galingale protect the heart ?

The study of the extraction from Black Galingale with Ethanol Alcohol affect Aorta’s function. The experiment conducted on the rat which was separated from others.
We found that The extractions from Black Galingale size 10^-6 – 10^-3 microgram/milliliter supports Aorta enlargement. The relaxation of the atherosclerosis relies on the intensity of the substance. The study of mechanism of The extractions from Black Galingale in Artery enlargement found that The extractions from Black Galingale is acting on endothelium by stimulating the performances of Guanylate,Cyclase and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) but not only with Cycloxygenase (COX) performance. These 3 enzymes are acting on Atherosclerosis enlargement. The extractions from Black Galingale is acting on the muscle cell directly by restricting the inflow calcium ion into smooth muscle cell which effect atherosclerosis enlargement. The extractions from Black Galingale is reducing free radical in the body as well. In the study of heart from the first rat by lacking of blood or solution which caused the lacking of Kerbs-Henseleit in the heart within 20 minutes and reperfusion to the heart in 30 minutes and found that Diastolic blood pressure of the left ventricular (LVEDP) had decreasing c not have which indicate preload of the quantity of the blood sticking in the left ventricular. The changing of the pressure to the left ventricular (dP/dt) had been decreasing showing that the compression of LVEDP had Also been decreasing while on the other rat treated with Black Galingale size 100 microgram/milliliter had a better heart performance (LVEDP indication decrease but dP/dt increase).
In conclusion The extractions from Black Galingale support producing antioxidants , atherosclerosis enlargement , and enhancing heart performances.

J Ethnopharmacology 2011;137:184-91

Herbs Division , Faculty of Pharmacy , Mahidol University
Sri Ayutthaya road Phayathai , Bangkok 10400 Thailand

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