Anti-Aging/ Elixir Medicine Black Galingale and Thai Ginseng Black Galingale- supplement for overall good health and slow aging process

This herb had been well accepted worldwide with good reputation that Black Galingale and ginseng grown in Thailand have superior quality. It can be taken both men and women.

As we get older, the hormone function in the body is also depleted. As the result, the body started to be lacking of energy and the mind get tired. Some people realized when it is too late. Their organs are not functioning well as it supposed to.

They spend a lot of money tried to fix what’s already damaged. It’s better to prevent and preserve your body function before it’s too late. You can easily do that by taking black Galingale and Thai ginseng supplements. It is inexpensive when compared to medical bills. This herb blend help regulate hormone function and prevent many diseases before it can occur.

Your body will be fit and firm for a long time. For more information, you can visit our website

Production by authorized pharmacist Kasemsit kumkon 19892

Supplementary food registration number CDH 50-1-05258

Drug and Food registration number 50-105258-1-0011

increase sex hormones elixir

increase sex hormones elixir

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