Black Galingale The elixir Aging Increase Testosterone


Black Galingale Maintained health hormone for man

Phamarceutical actions: Increase Testosterone, restorative, Brain, nerve tonic, elixir, pain and fatigue.

1 Bottle 60 capsules
1 350 mm G. capsule.
Indication : Maintained health
Uses and dosages : take 2 capsules daily befor breakfast

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Producer and sales agent: Mae Kahm Poh Osot

11 Moo 5, Tambon Chiang Doa, Amphur Chiang Doa, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand .



Black Galingale Correspondents operating not only sexual enhancement pills.

Help the penis easily and frequenthy

period of prolonged erections. And for those the people

Do not have such problems so it can be eaten.

Enchance the Strengthen up)

Stimulates the nervous system, neural maintenance

healthy body

the sleep better

Nourish the heart coronary artery disease cure


Nourishes the blood of women

Assist in rotation system of the body, blood,

Better circulation

Helps maintain blood pressure Balance of

blood pressure

Help Treat Diabetes Reducing sugar


Help Treat Allergies

Help Asthma

Help relieve palpitations, dizzy Wind nausea

can boil drinking cure eye diseases that help maintain eye

Help treat oral ulcers, mouth sores, dry mouth, mouth ulceration.

Help cure Tan Sang in children it can solve malnutrition in children

Helps relieve angina

Abdominal diseases Effective against bacteria in the gut.

Help expel colic.

Helps relieve pain in the stomach, abdominal cramps.

Have diarrhea if taken in isolation, the use of light.

Cooked thoroughly mixed with water and lime.

water to drink juice 3-5 tablespoons curry after.

Taken as a diarrhea

help cure diarrhea diseases

Help to diges the treatnent of the digestive system

The balance

Parviflora properties to relieve flatulence.

Help relieve dysentery twist is the flux

Properties Parviflora Cure stomach

Due to eating at no time.

The diuretic The suppression of urine The urine disabilities

Help relieve vaginal discharge of women

Driving period Relieve Menstrual a

Normal women

ues mortar mixed with white wine to drink juice from drink

uterine disabled Uterine with slak

Resolves an abscess, inflammation

Help treat eczema

Helps to relieve back pain Body aches, pains

Muscles and fatigue.

Help treat arthritis

Help Treat Gout

Help cure beriberi

Parviflora help detoxify various medicinal properties.


The treatment of cold hands and feet

Parviflora effective in the treatment of a fungus.

Cause skin disease

the rhizome, use boilling water women after childrenbirth it can help

Milk maintain the hemorrhage and the uterus





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